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Jack Bartel (He/Him/His) is a licensed clinical psychologist and LGBTQ+ health educator/consultant. He obtained his doctorate in Clinical Psychology and has served as an LGBTQ+ health educator and consultant for over 6 years.

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As a queer transgender individual Jack understands the importance of increased education and awareness surrounding the LGBTQ+ community, but most importantly action needed towards change for LGBTQ+ individuals in all spaces.

Jack strives to bring you comprehensive options and solutions for learning more about how to best serve the LGBTQ+ community, as well as, when creating or maintaining an inclusive LGBTQ+ atmosphere. Whether you are a healthcare organization, business/corporation, provider, or individual, he aims to ensure you have options that meet your needs.

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Recommended for groups, training, conferences, and continuing education atmospheres.


Better for specific clinical/business cases or one-on-one aid.


If you feel speaking/education or consultation options are not the best fit for you, please select below for more selections from blog posts to creation of education materials.

At this time, Jack is only offering speaking engagements/education, consultations, and some other booking opportunities (eg. podcasts, blogs), but hopes to expand his services in the near future to include more options (mentoring, support groups) for those of the LGBTQ+ community. So stay tuned! 

You will find you currently have the ability to select from a list of educational and consultation topics or create your own custom request. 

Please note: At this time availability of unpaid/pro bono opportunities is limited. Please inquire for pricing. 

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